Color Variant Gene in Mulefoot Pigs

Mulfoot piglets


Our first pure red Mulefoots have been doing really well. One of the litters had one red, four black and two spotted. The reds and spotted ones were considered extinct after the 1920’s. It is a rare color variant gene. A recessive gene that is expressed in these recent pigs. Our first two reds, Luscious and Lucille, were from registered, purebred, black Mulefoots. As were the grandparents and earlier generations. The Vet we bought them from was as excited as we to talk about these genetics. We did find out that the country of Colombia has the reds and spotted single-hoofed pigs at a certain company. But the genetics have not been compared yet.tractor-g-and-pigs-sale-067

Spotted Mulefoot piglet