American Mulefoot hogs


One of our products and projects is pasture raising and selling American Mulefoot hogs.  These are the rarest hog in North America.  They have a foot like a mule or pony, only a single toe, unlike the cloven hoof of a regular pig. We will have photos of the farm and piggies up.  And the draft horses, of course. Notice the height of the dandelion behind his rear end!!

You haven’t seen happiness until you see and hear a little guy rooting out and pulling up a huge (to him) quack grass root a foot or more long. Just crunchy goodness to him. Watching eight or ten little piglets going single file behind their mom in two foot tall grass is a hoot. Mom knows where she is, the little ones just follow. Like Snoopy’s buddy, Woodstock, and his little campers. Pig scouts!! We will post some photos of the pig scouts in action.