Last week we pressed sorghum on our Chattanooga #3 Improved horse powered mill.

Mounted it four feet off the ground on 6×6’s and put the long pole on top for either horses or the JD 214 lawn tractor.   Opted to use the tractor for a first run.  We’d cut a pallet load of 3/4″ sorghum stalks, de headed and stripped the leaves.  Got the spacing on the mill rollers set with thin pieces of masonite to the required 1/4″ on the entry side and 1/8″ on the exit roller.  Then walked it around by hand for a few pieces and got our first juice on this mill.  Tightened it up a bit so the bagasse came out drier and we got more juice.  Then ran a batch through using five gallon buckets to catch the juice and a towel to strain it.  Nice, clean, green juice.   First batch cooked up to four quarts of thick syrup.  DON’T let it boil over on the stove…….yikes.

Great stuff with roast beef, potatoes and pumpkin.

I’ll post a few photos.

Getting ready to harvest our grinding corn.  We have six Meadows mills, from 22″ to 24″ stones.  Four are in good running condition.  We grew several acres each of open pollinated corns from Green Haven.  Vaughn has a great selection there for organic or conventional farmers, all OP varieties.  We got Wapsie Valley, Bloody Butcher and Silver King.  I ground some samples of Bloody Butcher and it sifted just fine.  Can’t wait to get it in the totes for storage.  Fabric totes that sit on pallets.  They have drawstring chutes out the bottom so we can use the Bobcat with forks and lift the corn right over the top of the mills and let them run.

Again, photos in a day or so.

Horses and piggies say, “Hi”.   Piggies are going down the road to Ferryville, WI next week.  We are keeping a small selection, including the red gene variant and our old boar and sow for a herd starter next year.  When our lady comes to get them it will mean a calmer winter for me.  Perhaps the second new hip this winter then.

God bless you all.


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