23 October

No frost today.  Working on the new pole building will be today’s task.  And watching the leaves fall as the colors fade and we move towards winter.  I hope it is a mild winter as the Farmer’s Almanac predicts.

Piggies are happy and healthy.  New babies are escaping from the mom pen and wandering a bit.  They back in for a snack from mom.

Can’t wait to get power into the shop so I can start rebuilding wagon wheels.  Lots of new welders to play with too.  Valerie is going to start teaching welding again, from the farm now rather than at the Tech school.  She is retired but the teaching and art bug is still there.  We have two furnaces for casting as well.  Up to 200 pounds of bronze capacity.  The south end of the shop will have a swinging crane to move crucibles of metal from the outdoor furnaces to the inside pouring area.  At least that’s the plan.  The lost wax investment casting slurry coating tanks will be inside as will be the bake out furnace.

Happy days.





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