Walking with pigs, gardening

I walked around in the Mulefoot pig pen with a 9yr old boy, James, today. He sure enjoyed it. And his grandma, Julie Ann, made sure to dress him to plan to get mudded. The pigs like rubbing up against you….especially after they loll about in the mud! The big ones are good about not pushing on you….unless you do invite them by scratching and rubbing on them.
Pleased Mud Pig
I still do make sure to be right alongside if I have a child in the pen. Of course the mom pigs are in their own separate pens. Their disposition is different when they have little ones. Rather than the calm, docile, safe animals that they normally are, moms with babies can be “snappy”.

We have kids keep their hands and feet away from fence when seeing mom pigs. Kids tend to talk in higher pitch voices and kids sometimes squeal when they see baby piggies. That signals “baby-in-danger” to the moms and they rush you, bark. When the babies are a couple weeks old, the moms are much more relaxed unless you try to pick up a pig. And kids always want to do that. I’ll pick one up from outside the fence and hold it while kids pet, ooh and ah.

The garden is doing quite well. We had a late start as most everyone around here. A lot of rain that made the ground a bit too wet to till and plant. Some say it is the most rain that we have ever had that time of year. The ground here soaks up a lot of rain before it gets sodden. Anyway, we have not had to water and everything is growing well. Actually we are planning on putting in more seeds tomorrow. The ground is all tilled of weeds..and ready to go in the morning! Then the “weather guessers” say we will get rain tomorrow night and perhaps for four days. The second crop of alfalfa and hay has been cut, raked and today baled. Horses and cows use it for feed. The piggies use it for bedding, feed, play.


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