New Piglings!

In the last two weeks we have had several litters; 2 Mangalitsa and 3 Mulefoots. Of those litters, we only lost one piglet to a “roll-over”. That’s just an absolutely outstanding rate in the world of pig raising! We’re proud of our moms. That record is mostly their doing. Good moms. But it is also that we let them live relatively stress-free lives. We treat them well, give them good straw to bed in and outdoor fresh air.

Cows, pigs and farm 112

We learned in a publication recently that the ability to paw straw and create a nest is essential to the well-being of the mom and her piglets. It turns out that the pawing creates certain chemicals in the mother’s body which are needed for good, smooth birthing. In confinement, they paw at concrete (oh, unhappy image) trying to do the same thing. See, straw in the confinement system “mucks up” the slotted floor system of manure/urine disposal. Hmm. My moms pee and poo away from the sleeping and eating area as is typical with a well-reared pig. I saw one of our moms yesterday back up to the fence and the pee streamed out the fence to outside. Saw her do it again so I guess it is on purpose! Love these piggies!


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