Wake-up June 28, 2015

It is 6am and so many birds are chirping, singing, beeping, calling. Most of them have been at it since 4am. And of course the roosters have been crowing intermittently for the last few hours. Two adult roosters were adopted on the farm this week. It happens that neighbors were selling their current farm and the new owners did not want roosters or a three friendly outdoor cats. Hello! They are moving to a farm and don’t want a rooster or a cat? Curious.

It is so fine when the beginning of summer comes. It is as if you and the world are awake again. Like Christmas morning. Yet it seems to take longer and longer each year to shake off the sleepy doldrums of Winter and awaken to the awe-inspiring potential of the land once again.

The garden is going well with all the rain of this season. Took a while for many to get crops started because of this rain. With the raised garden beds, the plants do not get washed away. As fine as this rain is, it does make for very muddy areas for the pigs. A mud puddle or three are great, yet there is so much mud that even the pigs are not  happy. Pleased Mud Pig

Good herdsmen of course do not rely on this muck and rain water for animals’ drink. More clean water needs to be provided for everyone. And many still love out dumping their water!

They find their teat within a minute of being born !

There were 17 new piglets born within this past week. Three more Mangalitsa moms will have babies within 2 weeks. And five Mulefoot moms within 0-3 weeks. These will be the last litters for the year. One of the Heritage Jerseys, Gingersnap, had a calf this past week. He is brown except for spotted patches on his back legs so his name is CHOCOLATE CHIP.

Calf: Chocolate Chip's legs show his name choice!

The plants in the garden await some tending this morning. The weather-guessers say more rain will come starting about 11am today. So, some play in the soil, quick change clothes and go to  neighborhood church for invigorating message and fine social time. When choosing to live far out in the country, connecting face-to-face is a rather special treat.

Have a bless-ed day!

Rock Creek Mill & Heritage Farm, LLC


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