Our Farm

Mulefoot baby
Mulefoot piglet

Our farm raises heritage pigs, specifically the American Mulefoot Hog and the Austria/Hungary Mangalitsa hog.
We are building our 151 acre farm up using draft horse power where we can. Most of the equipment we have is pre-WWII farm type machinery. We also have six flour grinding mills with 24″ stones to grind either organic or non-organic grains into tasty flours and feeds.
The farm provides us with a bounty of food: we rarely buy food at the market.

10 thoughts on “Our Farm

  1. Good Evening,
    I was browsing through the comment section on CTH and saw a post with your farm name on it, spent a little time looking at your website and the picture of your Ribeye compared to store bought, got my mouth watering!

    I live in Orchard Park, New York, which is South of Buffalo. So, do you ship out of state?

    I find the Conservative Tree House to be one of the refreshing parts of my day, sometimes not real “feel good” stories about the Swamp, checking up on current events.

    Thanks and you have a beautiful farm,

    Keith Green

    1. Thanks for your compliments! WE are proud of our animals. That rib-eye is from the mulefoot pig! Red-marbled meat with a good amount of back-fat. I sell whole pigs – live. And deliver to the butcher of your choice.

      However, I have air-shipped piglets to New York so there are probably some small herds out there. Check the American Mulefoot breeders Association and also the American Mulefoot Hog Association. They have lists of people with this breed.

      My husband Mike is a daily reader of the CTH. Some of the best stuff out there for real news.

  2. Good afternoon as well. I too read CTH religiously. Concerning the recent post on Peter Navarro, I would encourage you to go to the ink and read it. 99.9% of the time, I agree with SD. On economic and political issues, he’s the best I have come across in my 10 years involvement in the political process.

    However, on constitutional issues, he’s no authority. In 2009, I started studying the 70 or so papers on this website and have yet to find anyone that can compare. She proves every single point with ORIGINAL sources. Cannot get any better than that. If you go to the link provided, on the right side will be a list of “categories”. Scroll down and click on one of interest and all her papers she has tagged with that word or phrase will come up.

    Since my only course of study for the last 10 years has been the Constitution, on CTH I rarely comment on anything other than constitutional issues in order to share with others what I have learned.

    Please, I encourage you to study her papers.

    If you want, you may contact me at wethepeoplehandbook@gmail.com or you can also go to buildingblocksforliberty.org and help us in Wisconsin!! Not like you have a whole lot of spare time. Ha!!

    Best Regards,
    Bob Hilliard

  3. Hi

    I found you through CTH, which I also read daily, and find very helpful. I saw your name and was thrilled to learn about your beautiful farm.

    I live on a 235 acre organic farm in Southwestern Wisconsin, raising organic hay and trees. We are an animal sanctuary, where we spoil everything from peacocks to draft horses, running the place with equipment which is almost as old as I am. I am thrilled to learn that you are using draft horses — good for you — and the soil.

    All the best from your kindred spirits at Gwendolyn Farms, Norwalk, WI


  4. Mike and Valerie- I just wanted to drop a belated thank you for the beautiful eggs ! My whole family enjoyed eating them and my 3 year old even dyed a few of them for Easter.

  5. We are in SW Wisconsin. And yes, we have shipped young pigs (15# or so) by air. Just like puppies. We prefer having them go on a non-stop flight so that there are no troubles getting there. Milwaukee, WI airport does freight and is the one we have used to have them travel to NY and also CA!

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